Request for quotation for Call When Needed aerial firefighting services 2018


NAFC is working with the states and territories on developing a national approach to the procurement of ‘Call When Needed’ aerial fire fighting services across Austrlalia. As part of a trial some CWN services that were previously contracted by individual States and Territories will be contracted through national arrangements coordinated by NAFC.

The National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC) will shortly invite suitably qualified organisations to tender for the provision of a range of ‘Call When Needed’ aviation services to support the control of bushfires and management of other emergencies across Australia. Successful tenderers will be experienced, highly motivated, highly capable providers who will enter into contracts to provide specialised aircraft services on a call when needed basis commencing in 2018 (for the 2018/2019 fire season).

In this process NAFC will be seeking submissions for specific classes of Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft services in particular geographic areas (Tasmanian and Western Australia) and particular aircraft types (Type 1 helicopters).


Tender documents will be available here shortly.

An preliminary table of services document is available here RFQ CWN AFS 2018 Table of Services DRAFT. This document indicates the planned services in Tasmania and Type 1 Rotary Wing aircraft. The final published Table of Services will differ from this and will included additional services. This document is provided to assist organisations considering tendering with planning only.

The NAFC Standards and Guidance Notes are available at the Standards page of the NAFC website. (Click on the Information tab above and select Standards or click here to go directly to the Standards page.)


The NAFC ARENA system will be used to collect the majority of company and aircraft information in this tender process. Organisations considering tendering should ensure their company, aircraft and pilot details are up to date in ARENA. ARENA can be accessed here: