Current NAFC Procurement

There are no current invitations to tender at the moment.

Future NAFC Procurement Activities

There are no future tenders at the moment.

Detailed notifications of NAFC procurement activity will normally be via the following:

  • An Invitation to Tender or a Request for Proposals will be published on the NAFC website
  • Email notification to subscribers of the NAFC Tender Notification mailing list – subscribe here

Please note that for reasons of probity and fairness, NAFC is not in a position to provide detailed information regarding upcoming procurement processes prior to release. General enquires may be directed to tenders@nafc.org.au.

Past Procurement

You can also subscribe to our tender notification service (see below). We suggest that you do not rely entirely on the NAFC tender notification service as notification emails can be treated as spam or junk mail by your internet service provider or email program. Alternatively, you may be able to set up your favourite internet search engine to keep checking for changes to this page.

Please also note that from time to time NAFC may invite tenders from a limited group of potential suppliers. Although we will publicly release tenders whenever possible, there may be circumstances (such as urgency, for example) where a limited tender is the only practical approach. Where this occurs, initial communication with potential tenderers will be by email. Documents for these tenders will not normally be available on this website.

You may like to subscribe to our tender notification service (see the subscribe page).

Please note that NAFC uses it’s software solution, ARENA, to facilitate tendering activities. In order to provide a submission to a tender you will need to create a company profile.

ARENA can be accessed here: arena.nafc.org.au 

Instructions on how to use ARENA can be found online at the above address, as well as in the tender documentation.

Submitting a tender or proposal normally involves downloading documents, completing the document and then uploading them to ARENA. Respondents will usually need access to recent versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to complete the response.

If you are considering submitting a tender of proposal, make sure you leave yourself enough time to register and submit your tender of proposal before the relevant closing time.