Upcoming NAFC Procurement

ProcessExpected advertisement
Request for Quotation for Call When Needed Aerial Firefighting Services
Primarily Type 1 helicopters and Type 4 self filling air tankers
ITT AFS 2020+
Invitation to Tender for Aerial Firefighting Services 2020 onwards
Primarily Type 2 and Type 3 helicopters in Victoria

This procurement process has been delayed due to the recent significant fire activity
Further information pertaining to this process will be released soon

Detailed notifications of NAFC procurement activity will normally be via the following:

  • An Invitation to Tender or a Request for Proposals will be published on the NAFC website, where the relevant documents will be available for download
  • For larger procurement processes of Primary services an advertisement will be placed in The Australian newspaper
  • Email notification to subscribers of the NAFC Tender Notification mailing list – Subscribe here

Please note that for reasons of probity and fairness, NAFC is not in a position to provide detailed information regarding upcoming procurement processes prior to advertisement. General enquires may be directed to info@nafc.org.au

As part of its tender process NAFC usually prepares a Specimen Contract. This Specimen Contract, including various schedules and annexures, is provided as a basis on which to tender. Contracts that are executed with successful Tenderers are likely to be based on but not necessarily be identical to the Specimen Contract.

All public approaches to market by NAFC will be advertised on this page and in “The Australian” newspaper.
You can also subscribe to our tender notification service (see below). We suggest that you do not rely entirely on the NAFC tender notification service as notification emails can be treated as spam or junk mail by your internet service provider or email program.
Alternatively, you may be able to set up your favourite internet search engine to keep checking for changes to this page.
Please also note that from time to time NAFC may invite tenders from a limited group of potential suppliers. Although we will publicly advertise tenders whenever possible, there may be circumstances (such as urgency, for example) where a limited tender is the only practical approach. Where this occurs, initial communication with potential tenderers will be by email. Documents for these tenders will not normally be available on this website.

You may like to subscribe to our tender notification service (see the subscribe page)

Please note that NAFC has moved all public procurement processes to a web-based electronic tendering system – the NAFC Electronic Tender Portal (NETP). You will need to register on the system in order to access full documentation, to receive notification of updates and addenda for advertised tenders and to submit a tender or proposal. Details of how to register are published in the “How to Respond” guides that accompany each invitation.
Submitting a tender or proposal normally involves registering on the NETP, downloading template documents, completing these documents and then uploading them back to the NETP. Respondents will usually need access to Microsoft Word and Excel, running under Microsoft Windows, to complete a response.
If you are considering submitting a tender or proposal, make sure that you carefully examine the relevant “How to Respond” guide. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to register and submit your tender or proposal before the relevant closing time/date.

I’m an aircraft operator. How do I get involved?

Currently all aircraft services provided to NAFC are sourced through competitive public tender processes. Successful tenderers enter into a contact with NAFC. Keep an eye on the NAFC website for announcements of any call for tenders. Tenders are also publicly advertised in ‘The Australian’ newspaper. To be successful in a tender process your company will have to demonstrate suitable capability and experience, and the services you provide will need to meet very exacting specifications. You will need to operate under an Australian Air Operators Certificate. Operators that are not based in Australia may like to consider forming an alliance or partnership with an Australian-based aviation company.

Firefighting aircraft services are occasionally provided on a Call-When-Needed or CWN basis. Provided specified operator and aircraft standards are met, this system allows suitable operators to place their details on a CWN Register. At times of high activity, fire agencies may draw extra aircraft, if needed, from CWN registers. NAFC does not currently operate a CWN Register, although it is planned in the future. A number of State and Territory agencies do operate CWN registers, and it would be necessary for you to contact them directly for details.

For more information on Air Operators Certificates and other legislative requirements, the relevant authority is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia. Their contact details may be found at www.casa.gov.au.

I’m a pilot. How do I get a job in aerial firefighting?

NAFC does not employ pilots, and this is also the case with most Australian firefighting agencies. Pilots are employed by the commercial aircraft operators who supply aircraft services to NAFC or to State and Territory agencies under contract. You need to get in touch with an aircraft operator. Note that NAFC and State and Territory aerial firefighting contracts and CWN arrangements all carry minimum experience and recent experience requirements for pilots involved in aerial firefighting.