NAFC RFP AFAMS 2014 Request For Proposals

Data Handling Services for AFAMS

RFP AFAMS 2014 is now closed.
Proposals closed at 13:00 AEST on Thursday 25 September 2014. Proposals can no longer be accepted.
Even though RFP AFAMS 2014 is now closed, the documents for this RFP remain available for reference purposes (see RFP Document Download area below).


NAFC invited capable, high-quality organisations that are experienced in specialised data management to submit proposals for the provision of Data Handling Services for the Australian Fire Aircraft Monitoring System (AFAMS).

The services required are described in detail in the RFP documents. In brief, they encompass:

  • receiving, processing, storing and re-distributing data from automated aircraft tracking and event-logging systems; and
  • associated management, administration and support.

The data handling provider will be expected to provide services suitable for supporting high-reliability emergency management operations.


The following RFP documents are available for download at the links on this page under the “RFP Document Download” area below: (Most RFP documents are also available from the NAFC Electronic Tender Portal).
(i) the Request For Proposal (RFP) document; and
(ii) the “How to Respond to the Request For Proposals RFP AFAMS 2014” guide; and
(iii) a Specimen Contract. The Specimen Contract is provided for information only, in particular to illustrate the current arrangements in place between NAFC and contracted providers of aerial firefighting services.

Other reference documents that may be quoted in the RFP – such as NAFC Standards – are available at the general Information page of the NAFC website.


Further enquiries regarding the RFP should be directed to NAFC via email to

For probity and fairness reasons NAFC is not able to deal with telephone or in-person enquiries regarding this RFP.

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RFP Document Download

Request For Proposals RFP AFAMS 2014
How to Respond to RFP AFAMS 2014
NAFC Specimen Contract 2014

Updates and Addenda to RFP AFAMS 2014

[Updates and Addenda last updated: 28 August 2014]

There are currently no updates or addenda for RFP AFAMS 2014, however the following points from previous tenders and RFPs may be useful:


Proposals cannot be submitted after the closing time.
Please ensure that your organisation has completed the response and submitted as per the instructions in the ‘How to Respond to RFP AFAMS 2014’ guide. We recommend that you finalise your submission well ahead of the closing time and allow time for contingencies in the submission process.


You may edit the various parts of your proposal in the Portal at any time prior to the closing time. Once your response is complete you then finally “submit” the proposal. After this final submission it is still possible to edit or update the proposal in the Portal, provided that any editing occurs before the closing time. If you do choose to amend your proposal after it has been finally “submitted”, you must ensure that the amended response goes through the final submission process again. More detail is provided in the instructions in the ‘How to Respond’ guide.


Only a single proposal should be lodged by any one organisation (or consortium of organisations, if applicable).

Proposers are welcome to include various options for provision of the required services in their single response.


During various procurement processes NAFC has at times received enquiries whereby a potential supplier is effectively asking for confirmation that their proposed approach will meet the requirements of particular section of the Invitation / Request or clauses of a Specimen Contract. Generally it is not appropriate for NAFC to provide further information regarding potential compliance with individual sections of an Invitation to Tender or Request For Proposals or clauses of a Specimen Contract. Tender/RFP processes are designed to provide an opportunity for all potential suppliers to demonstrate their individual approach to achieving or exceeding compliance with the various requirements – and in particular to demonstrate, where appropriate, their understanding of the requirements, and their responsiveness and capacity for innovation.